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Laguna Bay Spas has made a name for itself in the hot tub and spa industry due to its quality and long-lasting units. These units have an endless number of features, including hot tub jets, lighting systems, luxury seating, fog proof HDTVs and durable covers that reduce energy loss and thus reduce energy costs. Known for their energy efficiency and lower cost to maintain, these units are one of the best investments a household can make for ultimate relaxation.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, these spas have documented health benefits, including the ability to alleviate levels of stress, arthritis symptoms and sore muscles due to intensive workouts. Its patented hydromassage feature combines heat, buoyancy and massage to relieve stress, improve circulation and reduce muscle tension. However, these units are not only for the stressed or fatigued – in fact, they are perfect for the entire family!

According to unit reviews, these units are the best for a large number of individuals with different needs and preferences. These units include different customizable features all created with quality materials, which has made these desirable for households throughout the country.

Laguna Bay Spas are also available with innovative design features.
Pressure point hot tub jets stimulate acupressure points for deep relaxation and therapy jets are adjustable for high/low massage action.

On selected models, the adjustable, multi-hued lighting system features synchronized spa lights for the waterfall and LED light rings for air controls. The Custom Luxury option includes an auxiliary input jack for your mp3 player, radio, and CD player. Laguna Bay Spas also offer full entertainment centers, featuring a 19-inch HDTV with a fog-proof screen.

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Laguna Bay Spas stand behind their Discount Hot Tubs with a Laguna Bay Spa manufacturer’s warranty package that includes structural, surface, plumbing equipment, and labor warranties. Laguna Bay Spa reviews and feedback are welcomed.

Laguna Bay Spas follows the Better Business Bureau’s accreditation standards:
complaints are few, earning a high rating with the BBB.

Laguna Bay Spa reviews have garnered their website a perfect “10” rating
and a five-star “Best of Class” rating.

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