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American Made

When you purchase a hydrotherapy custom-manufactured Dr. Wellness hot tub, you are purchasing a home hot tub or home spa that, unlike many hot tubs and spas now being sold on the internet that are imported from other countries, is manufactured in the United States, ensuring the highest hot tub quality and the best spa value.

Energy Efficient Construction & Design

Dr. Wellness hot tub models are manufactured with economical, energy-efficient methodologies. All of our hot tub and spa models include high-density foam insulation on the shell of the hot tub, as well as the closed cabinetry system which ensures the best level of insulation available.

We offer, for colder climates, an economical thermal wrap upgrade that is rated for up to 30 degrees below 0! Additionally, most of our 220V models have at least one 2-speed pump that enables the tub to be put into a low-energy mode when it is not being used, which represents significant savings over hot tubs with single-speed pumps and circulating pumps.

At Dr. Wellness, we strive to provide the highest quality spa at the most affordable price. We have the right hot tub to accommodate your needs and budget. Create a place of entertainment and relaxation for your friends and family. Watch your favorite shows, listen to music and share each other's company with our award winning spas. We were given the Award of Excellence by We take pride in providing a wide variety of hot tubs to fit every household. Check out our wide selection of leisure products including tanning beds, saunas, and coming soon pool tables.

The Dr. Wellness product line consists of high-quality, custom spas that are designed with innovation, quality and value. With 15 years of experience in every phase of spa manufacturing, you can rest assured that your purchase is of the highest quality. That is why we back our product with such an outstanding manufacturer warranty. We also carry the highest standard for our customer and technical support.

All of our spas use Energy Saver Spa Equipment. Energy Saver Spa Equipment costs only pennies to operate a day. Compared to dollars a day on other hot tubs systems.

Today's the day to stop dreaming about your 365-day-a-year tan and make it a reality with the Solar Storm 24-lamp home tanning bed with a face tanner.

With the largest tanning surface of any residential tanning bed on the market today and a total of 24 extremely efficient high-output lamps, the Solar Storm 24-lamp residential tanning bed with a face tanner offers you a tanning bed salon quality tan right in your own home.

The Solar Storm 24-lamp home tanning bedís top-of-the-line features and unique custom design might make you think that it must cost a fortune. But, because we sell our tanning beds directly from our factory right here in the USA, we are able offer prices that are significantly lower than our competitors' prices.

G-1500 Tranquility Spa
G-1600 Tranquility Spa
G-2000 Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System
G-2 Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System
G-6 Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System
G-7 Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System
G-10K Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System Spa
G-60 Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System
G-11 Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System
G-12 Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System
G-110 Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System
G-13 Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System
G-14 Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System
G-20K Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System Spa
G-15 HDTV Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System
G-16 HDTV Tranquility Spa w MP3 Audio System

The dimensions provided should be considered a guideline.
Actual dimensions may differ slightly from the dimensions provided because of variations in the manufacturing process.
Manufacturer reserves the right to make product modifications and adjustments to refine, improve quality, performance and safety from time to time at it's discretion.

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